The Best Wedding DJ Should Do This For YOU

Your Wedding DJ should help you and your fiancé pre-plan your entire wedding ahead of time, making sure every formal detail is discussed with you. This allows for you to choose what you want and what you don’t want included in your special day. Finding an incredible DJ is one thing, if they can also be a phenomenal “wedding planner” for your evenings entertainment, book them now as they are few and far between, and your nerves will really thank them at the end of the evening…)

As a seasoned Wedding DJ, they should be able to visually walk you through the evening sharing with you the “traditional’ way of things so that you get an idea of the timeline, after all, you’ve never been married before! This will allow you to best plan how you want things done, using their assistance.

The most traditional timeline is as follows: 1. Cocktail hour  2. Bridal Party Introductions  3. Cake Cut  4. Prayer or Blessing  5. Toasts  6. Dinner  7. Opening dance floor after desserts with Bride and Groom First Dance  8. Father/Daughter Dance  9. Mother/Son Dance  10. Any additional special dances  11. Opening the dance floor for your guests to join you….

We will discuss these in more detail in future blogs/videos as there is so much more involved.

     Party All Nite! DJ always offers our clients a free, no obligation consultation, allowing you to meet with your DJ to discuss these factors and all of your questions to help you best make your decision in choosing our service. Our experience speaks for itself…)

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